Remote Backup


Toolwiz Remote Backup  v.1.0

Toolwiz Remote Backup is a freeware.

Imlug Remote Backup System  v.0.5.0

Imlug Remote Backup System make local copy of a dir and send other to a remote machine using rsync or ssh.


Remote Backup Magic  v.4.2

Backup your important files to an FTP server, email account or network drive. Keeping a copy of your most important files in a remote location is the only way to be sure that you can retrieve them in the event of theft, fire or other unexpected event

RBackup for Online Backup Services  v.11.12.0

Start an Online Backup Service. RBackup Remote Backup - Brandable, White labeled Online Backup Software comes with a full-featured, easily branded Client and a powerful Server. Versatile scheduler, compression and strong encryption.

Safe Data Backup  v.3 2

Safe Data Backup protects your valuable data. Easily back up your data to a CD, DVD, local drive, USB memory stick, or network drive. For extra safety, use the remote backup features to store your encrypted data offsite.

Vembu StoreGrid Backup Software  v.3.1

Vembu StoreGrid is a flexible data backup program that works with your existing hardware! Depending on your needs, you could choose between our Service Provider (SP) Edition, the Professional Edition, and the free "Free Edition".

Online backup by Novosoft LLC  v.6.2.4

Remote Backup Service by Novosoft LLC ensures secure online backup, synchronization and restoration.

Backup Data Recovery Services  v.1.0

Backup Data Recovery Services from this Year develop into effortless for all users which need for the same.

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